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Put that on your plate!

Agriculture and Nutrition in Durlach, Then and Now
What was work in the fields like in Durlach in the past? What kind of food was produced in Durlach? Where did the people of Durlach shop and what did they eat? And what has changed since then and why? The Pfinzgaumuseum's special exhibition "Das kommt auf den Teller!" (Put that on your plate!) deals with these questions.
Over the last hundred years, the production and consumption of food in Germany has changed dramatically. The exhibition sheds light on this development and uses the example of Durlach to show the changes in agriculture, the food industry, shopping and eating habits from around 1900 until today. It also describes the effects these changes have had on our health and on nature.

Vielfältige Objekte, Fotografien und Mitmachstationen laden zu einem erlebnisreichen Rundgang durch rund hundert Jahre Landwirtschaft und Ernährung in Durlach ein.
Spezielle Angebote für Kinder machen die Ausstellung auch für junge Besucher*innen informativ und abwechslungsreich.
Lebensmittelgeschäft Luger in Durlach, 1949, Foto: Hubert Born
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