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Pirogues – Todjivu

The Voodoo dug-out canoes, pirogues, from Abrogast’s collection call upon our imagination. They are objects of spiritual recollection of a unique, physical nature. Evoking the spirits of the world, they testify to the creativity of the populations animated by voodoo thought.
This temporary exhibition focuses on the Voodoo religion which has had a profound effect on the inhabitants of the Slave Coast who live in close proximity to the water.

With these canoes full of characters and spirits from the invisible world as well as these large and impressive crocodiles carved in wood and transformed into boats, the team from Chateau Vodou invites you to navigate the exhibition.

Some of these objects, brought out of the museum's reserves for the first time, plunge the audience into the lake and sea areas of the former Kingdom of Dahomey. They give us an opportunity to understand the importance of the link to the environment, the place of Voodoo in the life of each person, but also the collective history through the impact of slavery on this spirituality and these communities.

*(pirogues in the Fongbe language)
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Suitable for families

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