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"Pechelbronn reveals itself...Rediscover the history of Pechelbronn's oil industry through old photographs of emblematic buildings and places"...

Exhibition-walk. OUTSIDE THE WALLS
Photo exhibition: In the streets of Merkwiller-Pechelbronn and in certain places in Kutzenhausen, Lampertsloch and Preuschdorf...
16 tarpaulins with more than 60 pictures take us back to the time of the astounding exploitation of oil and revive an industrial world unique in France!
With this open-air photographic exhibition, immerse yourself in the singular history of oil mining in Northern Alsace. All along the route through the streets of Merkwiller and some neighbouring towns, 16 visuals with more than sixty old photographs evoke the locations of sites that are still in existence or have been erased. These commented images remind us of the extraordinary development of this very special and unique mining operation in France.
INFOS PRATIQUES : Accès libre en autonomie, dans les rues de Merkwiller, et certains points dans Lamperstloch, Kutzenhausen et Preuschdorf.

ANIMATIONS : Des « visites explicatives », animées par les guides du musée peuvent être proposées tout au long de la saison pour les groupes (+10 pers.) sur réservation. RDV et départ au musée. Tarif 6 € par pers.
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