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P. Staff

In Ekstase, by British artist P. Staff (* 1987), incorporates all new works in video, sculpture, and installation. As their largest solo show to date, it draws on persistent concerns of the artist, such as the myriad processes by which the living—especially marginalized communities—are disciplined in a society defined by capitalism and its brutality. Through a weaving of trans poetics, mysticism, and necropolitics, Staff constructs an exhibition at once atmospheric and haunting. To visit it will be to enter a cosmos. To leave it will be to be transformed by the artist’s urgent reflection on that most essential question: how can we define what it is to live, truly live, in a world on fire?


P. Staff, "Love Life II", Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles, 2022. Installation view. Photo: Paul Salveson. Courtesy P. Staff
P. Staff, "On Venus", Serpentine Galleries, 2019. Installation view. Photo: Hugo Glenndinning. Courtesy P. Staff
P. Staff, "Prince of Homburg", 2019. Video Still. Courtesy P. Staff
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