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Our islands

In the beginning was the wind... then the shipwreck... then the sand... then the jungle... then the solitude... and perhaps paradise.
"Our islands" is a subjective vision of insularity and its various metaphors; the artists themselves are not or not very insular but they give us their different visions of shipwreck, robinsonnade, exoticism, confinement and utopias.
Pieces of land surrounded by water, treasure islands, forgotten, abandoned, mysterious, fantasized, the subject has an inexhaustible narrative potential and is deployed as much in literature as in the visual arts. Between tragedy and burlesque, documentary and fiction, 20 artists are invited to take part in this journey to island lands.
Stéphane Thidet, Sans titre (Le Refuge), 2007. Collection les Abattoirs Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse © Adagp, Paris, 2022; crédit photo : Steeve Constanty.
Brankica Zilovic, Embrace again, 2018. Papier, fil, textile, 300 × 500 cm. Courtesy de l’artiste et de la galerie Laure Roynette. © Crédit photo : Steeve Constanty.
Stéphane Clor, Sans titre (extrait de Imaginary Soundscape), 2016. Coquillages suspendus et ventilateur. Courtesy de l’artiste © Crédit photo : Steeve Constanty.
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