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Otto Wolf - a Rottweiler original

Otto Wolf. Narrensprünge im Stadtmuseum
Otto Wolf. Bild: Narrhalla RW
Otto Wolf was born in Rottweil in 1869. He served an apprenticeship as an upholsterer and paperhanger, attended drawing school with Oscar Hölder and completed his military service. Like many of his contemporaries, he sought his fortune in America, where he emigrated in 1892. Two years later, completely destitute and homeless, he returned to Europe and wandered across Germany to his home in Rottweil. Wolf then worked in Freiburg until 1896, when he took over the business of his teacher Pius Kempter and married his wife Emilie the following year.
He became well known in the city through his active efforts for the Rottweil Fasnet and his rich legacy in the form of small pictures and collages. He was a man of the first years in the newly founded Narrenzunft and provided both numerous contributions and scenery for the Saalfasnet of the Narrhalla. He first exhibited his "Narrensprüngle" of small cardboard figures and portraits of his contemporaries, which can now be seen in the Stadtmuseum, in the window of his store at Hochmaiengasse 24 in 1909. About 190 pictures and paintings came from his hands.
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