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Old masters and new fools

Painting and installation by Benjamin Burkard
Benjamin Burkard: Zwieklang © Benjamin Burkard
Benjamin Burkard: Irrsamkeit 2 © Hendrik Krug
Benjamin Burkard shows in his colorful painting set pieces from past times, which he puts into a present context. At the same time, the motifs are negotiated and interpreted anew. Abstraction and figurativeness intertwine, so that concrete pixel elements stand next to old-masterly painting. Neon colors shine next to gold leaf and metallic foils. The subjects treated are complex and ironic, but there is also no lack of profundity.
Benjamin Burkard lives and works in Kandel, Rhineland-Palatinate. He studied art and biology at the University of Landau and has already won numerous scholarships and prizes. He has been in demand on the international art market for a number of years and his paintings have met with great interest.
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