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Offerings for the gods?

Deposits of metal objects in the Bronze age in Saarland and Lorraine
Thanks to this exhibition, discover the living environment of the people who lived almost 3000 years ago in Saarland and Lorraine.
Built around the remarkable depot that was unveiled in Pierrevillers (Moselle) in 2014 and which will be presented for the first time to the public, the exhibition will address the many aspects of daily life (habitat, beliefs, metallurgy, contacts between populations,...) in the Bronze age.
For this, the discoveries made in the sarro-Lorraine region will be put into perspective with exceptional objects from other geographical areas, such as the depot of Mathay (Doubs) and Drouwen (province Drenthe, Netherlands) or even the ritual golden cones of Aventon and Schifferstadt (Germany).
Dépôt de Yutz 1 (Moselle) ; bronze ; découvert en 1898 ; coll. musée de La Cour d’Or – Metz Métropole ; cliché L. Kieffer
Proposition de restitution d’un guerrier de l’âge du Bronze ; dessin de P.-Y. Videlier
Tintinnabulum de Bouzonville ; bronze ; coll. musée de La Cour d'Or – Metz Métropole ; cliché L. Kieffer
Suitable for families
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