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« The Oeuvre Notre Dame Museum goes Digital. A Museum for your immersive experiences! »

“Where do these sculptures come from? What did they look like originally? And those paintings? How should we interpret them?” This journey through the collections explores the possibilities offered by the new digital technologies to help us understand the works of art presented in museums. It has been an opportunity to bring back to life eighteen art works or groups using a variety of devices, including virtual immersion, augmented reality and holograms, that give them a whole new background.
Here for the first time, sculptures and architectural features, mostly from the Cathedral, can be visualized in their original environment, while the new technique of virtual anastylosis allows us to restore works that have been damaged. Furthermore, with the help of augmented reality, we can now propose conjectured reconstructions of vanished pieces of architecture. Work on the paintings involves exploring their “material reality” through scientific imagery, identifying their sources or better understanding their meaning.

For several years now, the Museums of the City of Strasbourg have been developing different applications of digital technology, whether in their permanent trails or their temporary exhibitions (mobile applications, virtual tours, touch tables, online courses, etc.). These actions are always seen as aids to understanding the original work in its material reality and as tools for visitors, making them active participants in their visit !

14 of the 18 experiences were entirely created by the Inventive Studio company (content, development and installation design). Their partner Teekila was responsible for the development of augmented reality features.
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