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Not One Genius Alone - The September Testament of 1522

An exhibition on the 500th anniversary of the first Luther Bible
The exhibition is dedicated to Martin Luther's German translation of the New Testament from the original Latin Vulgate and an edition of the original Greek text published by Erasmus of Rotterdam in 1516. It also reveals the prehistory of Luther's first Bible: the Bible translations since Antiquity as well as the full German Bibles, and concludes with an outlook on national-language Bible translations in early modern Europe.
Martin Luther's main contact in the final editing of his Bible translation was Philipp Melanchthon, the humanist and reformer from Bretten.
The September Testament was illustrated with 21 woodcuts from the Cranach workshop.
Several valuable historical Bibles are on display in the exhibition.

Titelblatt des Septembertestaments 1522

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