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The Normans

In a cultural-historical exhibition, the Reiss-Engelhorn museums are showcasing the fascinating history of the Normans - for the first time in the German-speaking regions. A thrilling pictorial display shows how Vikings became Normans. Most importantly, we realise that networking is by no means an invention of the 21st century: the history of the Normans is the history of mobility, conquest and innovation. It exerted a formative influence on the history of Europe. With high-quality loans from great European collections, the exhibition highlights extremely topical political and societal questions from a historical perspective. Precious art objects, valuable items such as weapons and exotic trading goods reflect once again the cultural exchange between Orient and Occident.
Di – So, 11 – 18 Uhr,
auch an Feiertagen geöffnet,
außer 24. und 31.12.
Informationen: Tel 0621 – 293 31 50

Credits: Avec autorization spéciale de la ville de Bayeux; Gestaltung: rem
Grafik der Ausstellung "Die Normannen"
Suitable for families
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