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"on n'est forteresse"

Noel Varoqui
Une toile de l'artiste représentant la forêt
Artist Noel Varoqui’s solo exhibition is the third and last to be curated by the art centre Vent des Forêts at La Grande Place, the Lorraine art space of the
Fondation d’entreprise Hermès.
“For the exhibition ‘on n’est forteresse’, Noel Varoqui presents a new ensemble of paintings created for La Grande Place, Musée Saint-Louis, based on his observations of the visual and tactile quality of the collections, and the unique play of light in the museum’s architectural setting.
From a luxuriant bouquet that fills the picture space to an assortment of discarded objects highlighted on canvas, Varoqui’s works draw on the repertoire of still-life and vanitas painting: ‘I paint everyday motifs with which I feel a close familiarity, as part of my determination to look at ordinary things anew.'
Here, the canvases conjure wilted vegetation, draped fabrics, translucent forms, reflected light and folds of shadow. They fill the museum’s alcoves, painted almost entirely in monochrome, with a fondness for subtle shades and hues of grey derived from a palette reduced to just three pigments: burnt umber, ultramarine and ochre, mixed with a dazzling white and backlit, as if enveloped in light.
The artist deploys centuries-old motifs from the history of art to express his own feelings of melancholy. He invites us to reflect on the fleeting, illusory nature of things – a quintessentially human sensibility.

Museum details

Rue Coëtlosquet
+33 3 87 06 64 70
Opening hours

48.986846, 7.355588

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