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Moving World – Steiff surprises and fascinates

True gems produced by the renowned and world-famous family-owned company, Margarete Steiff GmbH, Giengen (Germany), are now on display at the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel. Who does not remember the moving shop window scenes during the Christmas season? They were always the highlight of a Christmas stroll.

Such mechanical showpieces, produced for advertising purposes, can now be admired in motion. The Wochenende im Tierreich (Weekend in the Animal Kingdom) is one of the show highlights. It was originally produced in 1928 with 47 Steiff animals. Some of these animals have special mechanical devices to enable them to move. The theme of this showpiece could apply today as well.

The animals enjoy a weekend in the wellness area. This includes a sauna visit, joint gymnastics exercises, and a s
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Bewegte Welt – Steiff überrascht und fasziniert
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