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Money... Does it make us happy? ?


The exhibition invites us to think about our relationship to money, a central theme of our daily life.

What value do we attribute to money? What price are we willing to pay to get it? Is it fairly distributed? What is the relation between the price and the value of the objects surrounding us? And in the museum? Donated, deposited or purchased: this is the opportunity to reflect upon the concept of value by examining the history of certain objects preserved in the museum.

Crunching numbers, listening to statements or looking at the museum's coin collections: a guided tour takes visitors on a voyage of discovery into this topic.

At the end everyone decides on the price they want to pay for this visit to the museum and they each receive a commemorative coin.
Money... Does it make us happy? ?
52 rue du 23-Juin
+41 32 422 80 77

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