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Marital happiness and marital strife

Fotografie einer Hochzeitsgesellschaft beim Besuch der Ausgrabungen der römischen Villa Munzach in Liestal
Karikatur eines Ehebetts mit streitenden Paaren, darunter der Titel "Wieder-Vereinigung"
Goldene Eheringe des Ehepaars Herwegh im hellblauen Etui
In a special exhibition, the DISTL tells amusing, touching and tragic marriage stories from the canton of Baselland as well as turbulent episodes from married life and the works of the poets whose literary estates the museum looks after. Jubilant vows of love, pragmatic marriage contracts, old and new wedding photos, sketches of family life, and testimonies of the end of a marriage, whether through death or divorce, combine to create a moving and entertaining museum experience. The exhibition also offers insights into the development of marriage law in the canton and the living conditions that have shaped the marriages of people from Basel-Landschaft over the centuries.

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