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Marina Rosenfeld - The Agonists

(in the 2-ROOM of the Museum Art.Plus)
Marina Rosenfeld
Marina Rosenfeld's new installation The Agonists occupies the exhibition spaces of Museum Art.Plus with works in a variety of media-pigment prints on silk, drawings and prints on paper, posters, and a fragmentary soundtrack-continuing the composer and artist's longstanding engagement with the social and spatial configurations of sounds and their representations and distortions.

Rosenfeld's works invite the viewer to engage with aural, visual, and affective stimuli. In their proximity or adjacency to music, considerations of scale, similarity, material difference, and belonging are representative of problems of instrumentation, the use and arrangement of bodies, the history of practice, and even allegiance to different (historical) formal languages. Thus, new works take their place alongside the echo of an older one: a set of blank scores that are retrospective posters for Deathstar Orchestration, premiered at the Donaueschinger Musiktage in 2017.
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