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Marianne Gaiser - An Artistic Time Window

Painting and Art in Construction
The walls of Marianne Gaiser's studio are packed tightly with landscapes and still lifes. The autodidact, who has been working as an artist since 1965, was initially inspired by the naive paintings of Henry Rousseau and then developed her own style. Naive as in "natural, original, uninhibited", she began to focus on landscape painting. Marianne Gaiser entered the public domain with applied art. In the 1960s. she designed glass windows for churches and plastic works from clay. Marianne Gaiser worked for the Karlsruher Majolika in the 1970s and designed building ceramics for several public buildings.
Marianne Gaiser Stilleben 2007
Marianne Gaiser Keramik
Marianne Gaiser Baukeramik
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