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Marc Chagall - Poetry and Colour

Come and marvel at many of the loveliest graphics by Marc Chagall in the Stadtmuseum Stockach. Centrepiece of the exhibition is the cycle "Daphne and Chloe", which Chagall based on the story told by the ancient Greek poet Longos. Step into Marc Chagall 's world of vibrant colour and let your imagination roam free. Heinrich Wagner (1932-2019), the lender and honorary citizen of Stockach, was so impressed by the work that he compiled the 42 sheets of the cycle over a period of 26 years. Attractive loans, for example from the "Arabian Nights", the Bible and Odysseus enrich the exhibition and grant a comprehensive insight into Marc Chagall's entire graphic oeuvre.
An audio guide in German and English is included in the admission fee.
Der Katalog zur Ausstellung versammelt die schönsten Bilder aus der Ausstellung und stellt den Künstler Marc Chagall, sein grafisches Werk und dessen literarische Vorlagen vor.
Sonderführungen mit Begrüßungssekt (8 €, reduziert 6 €): 06.06.19, 13.06.19, 27.06.19, 29.06.19, 30.06.19 sowie von Juli bis September jeden Dienstag und Donnerstag, jeweils um 18Uhr.

Ausstellung "Poesie & Farbe"
Chagall, Marc, Frühjahrswiese, 1961 (Mourlot 314),© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019
Chagall, Marc: Quai de la Tournelle (Mourlot 351), © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019
Suitable for families

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