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Luutonen - Idelson - Graf

Maija Luutonen’s (b. 1978, FI) large-scale, vividly coloured paintings are made primarily on paper, chosen for its suitability for direct experimentation as well as for the immaterial nature of the white ‘negative’ spaces created on its surface. Considering the material to have a transient quality, she addresses the relation between time and movement, treating the works as an ensemble of slowly moving images rather than complete or final objects.

Zara Idelson’s (b. 1987, CH) approach to painting is based on intuition and direct observation as well as a clear set of parameters consisting of small-scale works and a limited palette. Texture is created through thin layers of paint, vital with brushwork over bare priming, where colour is used less to depict than to create a sense of movement. The exhibition focuses on the series of figurative paintings begun in 2017, when the artist moved to London, and reflect her curiosity for her new surroundings.

Florian Graf (b. 1980, CH) examines in his work themes connected with architecture and landscape architecture and thus investigates the psychological and emotional impact of spaces. Via sculpture, installation, drawing, video or photography he creates moments of poetic density, in which the borders between reality and imagination are dissolved. In the garden of the Kunsthaus Florian Graf has installed three concrete sculptures, each constructed from three very different basic forms. A circle, an L-form and a jagged figure also function as the building blocks of ceramic models, a photographic work and a series of drawings. Applied in a variety of ways, these structures differ from each other in terms of their composition, size and placement and make reference to the artist’s considerations of new modular social structures.
Zara Idelson, A Long the Muse, 2018, Öl auf Leinwand / Huile sur toile / oil on canvas, 35,5 x 41 cm, Courtesy the artist
Florian Graf, Bio Diversity (Metall), 2018; Aluminium, Spiegel und Farbe / Aluminium, miroir et peinture / Aluminium, mirror and painting; 368 x 120 x 115 cm; Courtesy the artist; Ausstellungsansicht / vue d’exposition / exhibition view Salle Poma, Kunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart, 2019, Foto / photo: Anita Vozza
Maija Luutonen, Detail von / détail de / detail of Patch, 2018, Acryl auf Papier, montiert auf Aluminium / acrylique sur papier, monté sur aluminium / acrylic on paper, mounted on aluminium, variable Dimensionen / dimensions variables / variable dimensions; Kiasma Commission by Kordelin, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma / Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
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