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Love of travel

Sur les traces de Charles-Nicolas-Sigisbert SONNINI de MANONCOURT

The Pôle Bijou of the Community of Communes of the Lunéville-to-Baccarat Territory wishes to create a cycle of events related to a famous personality who was born and lived in its territory: Charles Nicolas Sigisbert Sonnini de Manoncourt. Important assistant of BUFFON, in the King's service, he thus discovered and explored, sometimes in difficult circumstances and extreme conditions, the Guianas, Gorée Island, Cabo Verde, Upper and Lower Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, Greece, Crete…

He wrote : “Travelling is useful to young people; they always bring back real and solid knowledge, charming memories. The years of my life I devoted to travels were the only ones when I could boast to be happy. For a passionate traveller, and such he must be, labours, fatigues, perils, deprivations are no matter for affliction (...) his ideas widen, his imagination is given a new impetus, his talents are fortified, and if endowed with any faculty, he feels it developing and getting a surplus of activity and energy; amid the agitations of the body, his soul is quiet, and the successes he achieves fill it with the most flattering sensations (...) The sensitive traveller (pity him who is not!) often encounters sweet entertainments or touching scenes, which give him compensation for the dangers and the misery to which he is exposed”.
Some contemporary artists pay a tribute to him : Jacques PASCAL et Linda SAVINEAU (Belgium), Heidi Lykke PETERSEN (Danemark), Aurélie ADAM, Maïa AMIEL, Geneviève CAILLETEAU, Ségolène CAVELOT, Antonio COS, Jean GAZDAC, Christine JULLIAN, Aline KOKINOPOULOS, Karine NIEMAND, RES MIRUM, Marielle SPALONY, RARES-VICTOR et Justine VINCENT (France), Véronique et Rheinard HAMPEL (Germany), Yaroslava KELLERMAN (Poland), Teresa DANTAS (Portugal) et Alex ANGEL-BENSCHER (United-Kingdom).
Love of travel
Love of travel
Love of travel
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