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Let's play!

Annual theme 2023
Children throwing cans at the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum.
Did people use the same balls for bowling throughout Switzerland? Did people throw the same jacks? What are the rules of Gilihüsine, an old form of the Swiss sport Hornussen, in Betten (Valais)? And which Jass playing cards are nicer: French or German ones?

The 2023 season at Ballenberg will focus on sports and games. We will be inviting our visitors to take part in competitions and to learn more about old Swiss sports and games. Throughout Switzerland, we play various types of bowling: boccia, jeu de quilles and skittles. Jass afternoons and a Jass tournament will take place in the "Alter Bären" restaurant. Supervised games for all ages will be played at weekends and during the holidays.
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