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Les Lettres séquanes

The Sekan territory under the Roman Empire
Fragment d'inscription, époque gallo-romaine
The MBAA is presenting a new archaeology exhibition, entitled "Les Lettres séquanes", to shed light on the organization of the territory of the city of Sequanes between the Roman conquest and the end of the 3rd century.
The boundaries of Sequania encompassed both Franche-Comté and part of present-day Burgundy, and Vesontio was the chief town of the city of the Sequans. Besançon was therefore an ideal venue for this exhibition.
The fruit of a partnership forged in 2017 between the museum and the universities of Franche-Comté and Burgundy around the research project "Sequania: territorial identity and heritage dynamics", which was awarded the I-Site label of excellence, the project aims to renew our knowledge of ancient Sequania.
This exhibition will help us to understand the structuring of the territory during Antiquity, to explain the complex relationships between urban agglomerations and rural areas, and to highlight the modes and routes of land and river communications, travel outside the region, and cultural exchanges.
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