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Le Labo Bartho!

Centenary of the Bartholdi Museum
Affiche de l'exposition par Iva Šintić.
To celebrate the centenary of the Bartholdi Museum, we are delighted to welcome two local artists in residence: Iva Šintić and Simon Burkhalter.

The project presented in the museum's temporary exhibition room translates into a work-in-progress laboratory embodied in experimentation with various tools historically used in sculptural processes. The two artists use and experiment with the shapes of the tools to create objects in different sizes. By manipulating the size of objects, they manipulate the sense of space that surrounds us. Here, Iva Šintić and Simon Burkhalter invite you to enter their creative process and understand these issues through the manipulation of several pantographs. They also present some of their works at various stages of their creation.
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