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Günter Wagner
Günter Wagner's works appeal to aesthetic sensitivities as well as to the intellect, urging the beholder to contemplate and reflect. It is the allure of the meticulously processed material that first catches the eye: patinized cast iron, sandblasted glass, ferrite ceramics, plastic stone reliefs, vibrantly patterned rough granite and smooth mirrored surfaces. The interplay of the materials with their contrasting modes of operation - warm and cold, compact and transparent, light and heavy, nature-like and precisely formed - and the working in opposites have always been characteristic features of this artist's creativity. Yet Günter Wagner is also an intellectual artist for whom the human being is present, not in figural representation, but as a direct point of reference in his artwork. The theme "Labyrinths", with which he has been engaging recurrently for some years, is a good example of this. It revolves around an archetype of humankind that is an expression of people's spiritual orientation in the world, yet also of their naive, playful instinct, their delight in distractions - and the fear of losing their way: universally, a symbol of the search for the meaning of human existence, and specifically of the individual's incalculable journey through life.
Martina Wehlte
Rathausstraße 18
Bernau im Schwarzwald
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