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Kosmos Klee. The collection

Paul Klee_Einsiedelei
We are also constantly developing analogue and digital learning formats within the exhibition, such as a podcast series about Klee’s favourite composers or a movie with excerpts from our oral history archive. With each visit you can explore the cosmos of Paul Klee in greater depth, as the artworks and items from the archive keep changing.

FOKUS: Klees Angels
7.10.23 – 21.1.24
FOKUS enables you to discover selected aspects of Paul Klee’s work and that of creative artists from all over the world with an affinity to Klee. The series begins with a focus on Klee’s famous portraits of angels. These angels are not perfect celestial messengers. They are transitional beings somewhere between terrestrial and transcendental with eminently human character traits: they are forgetful and sometimes even ugly, childlike and on occasion diabolical.

Curator: Fabienne Eggelhöfer
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