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Jean Nicolas Matrel and the Tin-Glazed Pottery of Lorraine

A great master potter in Remiremont

This exhibition shows the tin-glazed pottery of Lorraine, in the Duchy and the Three Bishoprics, and features a comprehensive panorama of Remiremont, showcasing the very beautiful and diversified production of the master potter Jean Nicolas Matrel. Due to extensive research in the archives, the names of many artisans were found for the first time, making it possible to attribute numerous works.

Most of the objects in this exhibition have never been shown before. A comprehensive exhibition catalogue focuses on Remirement while a complementary publication provides information on all the potters of tin-glazed earthenware. With 300 annotations and numerous illustrations, it was compiled by Bertrand Bergbauer especially for this occasion.

Some hundred tin-glazed objects from Lorraine, with relevance to Remiremont and the Vosges, will be on display, granting insight into production in the region.
Jean Nicolas Matrel and the Tin-Glazed Pottery of Lorraine

Jusqu'à septembre inclus : 10h-12h/14h-18h
Novembre à décembre : 14h-18h
Sauf le mardi et tout le mois d'octobre, le 1er novembre et le 25 décembre
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