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Jean-Michel Landon: La vie des blocs

Plakatmotiv der Sonderausstellung "Jean-Michel Landon: La vie des blocs" in den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim
Life in the urban fringes around the metropolis of Paris, the banlieues, is his world. Born in 1978 in Créteil - one of these banlieues - Jean-Michel Landon first moved as a youth, later as a social worker and today as a photographer in the slalom between the different neighborhoods. In the tradition of humanist photography, his reportage "La vie des blocs" tells of the lives of people in the shadow of the residential towers: unadorned and unfiltered, but always filled with the respect and empathy of the insider. Moments of lightheartedness, joie de vivre and solidarity are juxtaposed with everyday dreariness and a lack of perspective.
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