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Jam! A finger-licking exhibition

Présentation des manuels scolaires utilisés de 1871 à 1911. Crédit photo : Cindy Witter
La Terre d’Empire profite de la prospérité d’une Allemagne devenue la première puissance économique d’Europe au tournant du XXe siècle. Crédit photo : Cindy Witter
Développement de la vie culturelle et notamment du théâtre alsacien. Crédit photo : Cindy Witter
Fruit jam has always been very popular. You'll discover how it has survived the centuries, and in what forms: marmalade, jam, jelly and more.
Through various scenes, we'll reveal the recipes of our grandmothers, the utensils used to make jam at home and to preserve it, not forgetting a tour of a 1970s kitchen and the grocer who sold jam in bulk.
Present at the snack table, jam can also be found in songs, on postcards, calendars, advertisements... In images, old and new, discover the advertising arguments used to sell jam, with humor or by appealing to family traditions and often in the presence of children. grocer who sold jam in bulk and in a 70s kitchen.
Discover the fabulous history of jam, from its first mention in a document dating from 73 BC to the present day!
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