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Inventions that the world does (not) need!
Gelbes Plakat mit dem Titel und der Laufzeit zur Ausstellung "Geht Doch!"
Familie rätselt vor einem Projekt, was das sein könnte.
Ein schwarzer Koffer mit zwei Henkeln und zwei Thermosflaschen
Discover the world of inventions in the hands-on exhibition!

From bottle openers to intelligent robots to the Thermomix: inventions make our everyday lives easier and help when something doesn't seem to work. Or do they? In view of the many things that are always coming onto the market, the question arises: does this innovation really solve a problem? Do we need it or can it go?

Meet inventors, get to know new ideas and inventions. Things that are sometimes more, sometimes less useful, things that bring us together and things that could possibly save the world!
It's up to you: as an investor, you decide whether something is a top or a flop. And best of all: develop your own invention in the DIY workshop!


Museum details

Kirchgasse 3
+49 711 89 53 51 72
Opening hours

48.63749, 9.1322