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From the Höri artists to contemporary art.
Poster zur Austellung LIKE IT!
The art museum Singen made use of the past two years to increase the number of art pieces as well as to process its collection. The result is the large-scale summer exhibition with the inviting title: "LIKE IT!."
The subtitle: "From Höri Artists to Contemporary Art." does not only cover the decades of art history - from classical modernism to contemporary art - but also highlights the two main focus points of the art collection.
120 works of all genres and directions will be presented on 1000 square meters of exhibition space and two floors. The exhibition shows not only central works, but for the first time numerous new acquisitions and bestowals, which have recently entered the house.
Works by classical Höri artists on the ground floor

A special feature of the Singen collection is that the works of all "Höri artists" - those painters, graphic designers and sculptors of classical modernism who, after being branded as "politically unreliable" and "degenerate", found refuge on Lake Constance, and especially on the Höri peninsula since the National Socialist cultural policy in 1933, are located in the museum's own inventory.

The art-historical focus includes neo-objective and late expressionist, but is also inspired by French modernism and abstract works by Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Max Ackermann, Curth Georg Becker, Helmuth Macke, Walter Herzger, Hans Kindermann, Jean Paul Schmitz and Ferdinand Macketanz, but also by Julius Bissier, Heinrich Nauen, Franz Lenk, William Straube, Werner Gothein and others. Rare works from the slim oeuvres of the few, for a long time unrecognized Höri artists, for example by Gertraud Herzger-von Harlessem or by Ilse Schmitz, are added.

With 80 works, the presentation on the ground floor focuses on the unique collection of Höri artists.
The presentation of contemporary art from the four-country region of Lake Constance and the German southwest brings together 40 works from the period from 1980 to the present that are highly diverse both thematically and stylistically. The spectrum ranges from the critical works of Singen-born Felix Droese to the current, dazzling sensory overloads of Dave Bopp, from conceptual, minimalist works by Gerold Miller to gestural as well as figurative paintings and sculptures by Friedemann Hahn or Robert Schad.
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