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Isa Genzken

The range and variety of the work of Isa Genzken (born in 1948 in Bad Oldesloe) continues to surprise. Since the 1970s, the artist has made baffling changes in her work while at the same time developing a consistent oeuvre. Her artistic practice comprises photography, film, painting and works on paper, yet her central interest is in the potential of sculpture, in the sculptural aspects and the architecture of things. How do architecture, design and artworks influence an environment, how do they shape one’s perception of oneself? Questions about the relationship between the individual and the world are what she gives expression to, for instance in the many works that take up the image of the window. Genzken’s works can be small and model-like or, as in the case of works for public spaces, take on monumental dimensions. Sculptures that work in an interior can often be thought of as enlarged in the viewer’s imagination.
Bild: Isa Genzken, Untitled, 2018
 Courtesy Galerie Buchholz, Cologne / Berlin / New York  © 2018, ProLitteris, Zurich
Helvetiaplatz 1
+41 31 350 00 40

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