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Images sur les murs

The Musée de l'Image in Épinal preserves 100,000 so-called popular images from the 17th to the 21st century. The exhibitions of the last fifteen years and the twenty-five catalogues published by the museum have shown how varied these images are and how they portray the successive societies that have published them. However, questions have not yet been specifically addressed: how were these popular images fixed on the walls of homes and what were the motivations of those who hung them in their living space? Difficult questions since these images, which are by nature cheap and of little value, have often been destroyed during successive house refurbishments. It is the loan of a wooden partition collected by the Musée Savoisien de Chambéry in Bessans in Haute-Maurienne that gives the MIE the opportunity to take an interest in this subject. Forgotten on the first floor of an abandoned house, the sixty images pasted on this partition date from the very beginning of the 17th century until the beginning of the 19th century.
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