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Heinzmann Collection: The Twenties as reflected by the Villingen Modernist Artists

The twenties of the 20th century had a lot in common with today. After a pandemic and a world economic crisis, a dawn of modernity began, full of joie de vivre and creativity. This fragile transitional period is often described as a 'dance on the volcano'. Women played a new social role as artists, intellectuals and professionals. Tatjana Barbakoff, whose portrait was painted by the Villingen artist Waldemar Flaig, was one such personality. She fascinated her audience with exotic costumes and unusual choreographies.
The special exhibition of the Franciscan Museum seeks the reflections of an exciting decade in the paintings of the four Villingen artists Richard Ackermann, Ludwig Engler, Waldemar Flaig and Paul Hirt.

Die Präsentation findet in der Ausstellungsreihe 'Sammlung Heinzmann' statt.

Freitag, 16. April 2021, 17 Uhr

17. April bis 13. Juni 2021

Öffentliche Führungen
Sonntag, 18.04. I 02.05. I 16.05. I 30.05. I 13.06., jeweils 15 Uhr

5 Euro, ermäßigt 3 Euro

Führung inkl. Eintritt
7 Euro, ermäßigt 5 Euro
Waldemar Flaig, Die Tänzerin Tatjana Barbakoff im chinesischen Kostüm, 1927, Franziskanermuseum

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