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Heinrich & Marie Strieffler

Unknown and Again Discovered Items out of the Estate
Heinrich Strieffler vor seiner Staffelei im Atelier_1930er
Strieffler Haus der Künste contains inside its walls many testimonies from art and culture of the region. An intensive checking from the cellar to the attic has brought to light many finds forgotten or thought as lost. They give exciting insights into the cultural history of the region as well as into the life and working of two artists. An homeopathic chemist's for journeys from the times around 1900 testifies that Heinrich Strieffler loved to make journeys, a collection of splendid shells and snail's shells his interest in natural history. A doll's house tells about Marie Striefflers nursery-days, the old «vehicle of painting» about their artistic expeditions. Every exhibit tells his own history, historical photos and artistic works complete the presentation.

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Löhlstraße 3
Landau in der Pfalz
+49 6341 86 204
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49.200302, 8.104274