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Heidelberg in the 1950s

Large picture show with photos by Fritz Hartschuh
Fritz Hartschuh, leidenschaftlicher Fotograf und Techniker, Foto: Stadtarchiv Heidelberg
The post-war years still shaped life in Heidelberg. But the magic of a new beginning was already in the air, heralding the prosperous years of the economic miracle. Fritz Hartschuh, passionate photographer and technical director of the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, accompanied this exciting transitional period with his camera and documented the city of that time, its people and their stories.
How have Heidelberg and life in the city changed since the 1950s? With Hartschuh's photographic treasure trove from the city archive, original film documents, design objects and works by Marie Marcks, Hanna Nagel, Will Sohl, Siegfried Czerny and Karin Bruns, the exhibition sheds light on the eventful decade.
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