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Hector-Prize: Anna Uddenberg

Bild der Installation von Anna Uddenberg
Every three years, the Kunsthalle Mannheim and the Hector Stiftungen award the Hector Art Prize to international, contemporary artists or collectives. With the Swedish artist Anna Uddenberg, the jury in 2022 opted for a powerful feminist position. Uddenberg was born in 1982 and today lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.

Uddenberg’s artistic work presents a thrilling, challenging but also polarizing view of corporeality, sex (or gender) and commodity aesthetics. In her figurative and recent abstract works, Uddenberg explores gender performativity and supposedly authentic selfimages in the age of social media platforms. The exhibition shows several sculptures, which mostly were created especially for the exhibition. In her artistic dealing with the medium of sculpture, Uddenberg continues to develop her formal language in her latest works using the 3D printing process, creating a powerful composition that is brought to a unity by the exciting exhibition architecture.
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