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Heavens Above! Climate Makes History

Family Interactive Exhibition in the Museum im Schwörhaus, Marktplatz 12
Visitors, big and small alike, become heroes and climate researchers in the new interactive exhibition for the whole family "Donnerwetter! Klima schreibt Geschichte" (Heavens Above! Climate Makes History) in the Museum im Schwörhaus - Temporary Exhibitions J.F. Schreiber-Museum, Marktplatz 12.
In an entertaining and informative way, visitors can discover how the weather, climate and climate change have been determining the lives of people and animals for thousands of years, constantly forcing them to adjust to it. In attractively designed sets, visitors can explore ten theme sections as if in a walk-in picture book.
Familien-Mitmachausstellung "Donnerwetter!" Plakat
Blick in die Ausstellung "Donnerwetter!" 2
Familien-Mitmachausstellung "Donnerwetter!" Plakat
Suitable for families
Untere Beutau 8-10
Im Salemer Pfleghof
Esslingen am Neckar
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