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Hardy Langer

Vaclav Hala's Great Happiness
Hardy Langer works mainly as an illustrator and painter. Occasionally, however, he ventures forth into three-dimensionality and creates installations in the landscape or in a gallery. His installation for the Q Galerie für Kunst is a multi-layered objet trouvé (found object) whose original site was not far from his studio. Hardy Langer dismantled it and by transferring to the Galerie put it in a new context. In the Kunstgalerie it now opens up a universe that celebrates the aesthetics of decomposition and inspires sensuous feelings as well as intellectual reflection? Is this art? Who is the artist here? Is there art that is not planned as art?

Hardy Langer, born in 1957, works as a free-lance artist in Schorndorf.
Gleichzeitig stellt im Lichthof der Q Galerie für Kunst Schorndorf Stefan Mayer aus.
Von Hardy Langer und Stefan Mayer erscheint im April 2019 auch das Buch „Seelengrün“ über die wilden Schrebergärten an der Rems.

Termine zur Ausstellung:
Montag, 15. Juli 2019, 20 Uhr

Sonntag, 21. Juli 2019, 15 Uhr
Sonntag, 25. August 2019, 15 Uhr

Kunst-Happen Kurzführung + Imbiss
Donnerstag, 1. August 2019, 12.15 Uhr

Gespräche über Kunst
Ulrich Kost im Gespräch mit Hardy Langer und Stefan Mayer
Sonntag, 1. September 2019, 18 Uhr
Hardy Langer: Vaclav Halas großes Glück
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