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Hannah Höch. Assembled Worlds

The Dadaist Hannah Höch was a central protagonist of the German avantgarde of the 1920s. She is regarded as one of the inventors of collage and photomontage. With irony and wit, and «armed» with scissors and glue, Höch used photomontage to explore the power of images.

This exhibition examines Höch’s encounter with the visual culture of modernity, and her fascination with film and photography in particular. It presents itself as a multifaceted panorama of the avantgarde: around 60 photomontages by Hannah Höch are shown alongside numerous films, art works and documents from fellow artists of her time – from Kurt Schwitters and László Moholy-Nagy to Man Ray and Max Ernst, showing how Höch developed and perfected photomontage in the inter war years and beyond.

An exhibition by Zentrum Paul Klee in cooperation with Belvedere Vienna.
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