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Gutenberg without a Doubt?

The Invention of Letterpress Printing in Europe and Asia
On the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the death of Johannes Gutenberg, the Gutenberg-Museum has designed a special exhibition that focuses on Gutenberg's invention in comparison with similar developments in Asia.

Around 1450 Gutenberg invented printing with moveable type and thus revolutionised the media world of Europe. 800 years earlier in China, however, texts were being reproduced in woodcut, and around 1050 the Chinese Bi Sheng formed mobile type from burnt clay. Yet there are no indications that Gutenberg knew the Asian method of printing. Evidently the parallel inventions were made independently of one another in Asia and Europe at different times. The exhibition aims to highlight the particularities of the two developments.
Asiatische Druckwerkstatt
Ohne Zweifel Gutenberg?
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