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Gold and Silver

Jewellery and Vessels Created by Ulla and Martin Kaufmann

Ulla and Martin Kaufmann have been creating jewellery and vessels for almost fifty years now. Their early creations are characterized by abstract floral shapes, later ones by a classically modern formal idiom, and those created in the past few decades reflect their in-depth involvement with the sculptures created by Richard Serra or Eduardo Chillida, for example. They both are gold- and silversmiths, and have been sharing an atelier in Hildesheim since 1970. A hammered metal strip plays a central role in their works, some of which are of unusual design, and whose exteriors, interiors and interstitial spaces always highlight the interplay of form and function. In addition to many other accolades, Ulla and Martin Kaufmann have won the Bavarian State Prize in 2018 for their project entitled »Cubes in Motion«. The exhibition will be providing a representative overview of the couple's comprehensive oeuvre.
Gold and Silver
Jahnstraße 42
im Reuchlinhaus
+49 7231 39 21 26

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