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Geisterhaus Langmatt

Eine unsichtbare Ausstellung
Geisterhaus Langmatt, Collage von Sabine Fehlmann
Nachtaufnahme des Grünen Salons im Museum Langmatt
2023, the Langmatt is now transformed into a veritable ghost house. Various ghosts of unknown origin as well as undead pets, former residents and servants haunt the more than hundred-year-old villa and spread fear and terror. The comedy audio guide «Geisterhaus Langmatt» (Ghost House Langmatt) lets the numerous ghosts have their say for the first time. As with the «Tatort Langmatt» in 2022, there is plenty of humour and unexpected surprises.

Equipped with tablets and headphones, the audience moves through the museum and listens to the ghosts whispering, haunting and arguing. Attention is focused on their possible homes: the historical rooms come into focus, invisible (wallpaper) doors, cavities, curtains, vases, roller shutter boxes and much more.
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Römerstrasse 30
+41 56 200 86 70
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47.481099, 8.306711