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Fuzzy Realities - Regional 24

Artists from the tri-national area whose works deal with the construction of realities and the shifts in the perception of reality.
Unscharfe Realitäten - Regionale 24
Who can still recognize what is real when texts, images or entire visual worlds can be designed with artificial intelligence at the click of a mouse? AI makes it increasingly difficult to recognize what is reality or what is fiction or pure imagination. The works in the exhibition take you into virtual spaces and digital constructions of reality. They address the digital transformation of society, focusing on the body as a site of transformation as well as a site of memory. The visual worlds presented in the exhibition also explore these as spaces of possibility for new narratives, memories, and dreams by deconstructing cultural ideas and world views and generating speculative narratives instead.

Artists: Ruth Baettig, Jonas Beile, Ana Brankovic, Onome Ekeh, Esther Hunziker, Johanna Mangold, Katrin Niedermeier, Lampyridæ Collective, Alexis Leor Pudget, Catherin Schöberl, Christian Schumacher.

Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach, Assistance Kimberley Rahn

CHF 12.00 / 8.00
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