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The Fascinating World of Swords


King Arthur and Excalibur, Siegfried and the sword Balmung: countless legends and myths have been woven around swords and their bearers – swords as symbols of power, swords as magic weapons, swords as killing tools. Spears, axes, arrows, bows – all these were also used as tools or as hunting weapons. It was not until the invention of the sword that man held a pure war weapon in his hands. Sword bearers wanted to be seen as people who had the means and the power to kill. But several centuries later, at times when warrior elites hardly mattered anymore in Western societies and swords had lost their function as weapons, their spell remained unbroken.

The “fascination of the sword” can be experienced by visitors on different levels while offering them the opportunity to find out more about the cultural history of this legendary weapon. Exploring the history of swords from different angles will allow visitors to better understand the phenomenon of their unbroken attraction.
The Fascinating World of Swords

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