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In the eye of the territory

In 2018, the Departmental Council of the Territory of Belfort agreed to deposit an extraordinary photographic collection with the Belfort Museums, so that it c be preserved and enhanced. "Les quatre saisons du territoire" (The four seasons of the territory) is the result of a commission placed by Le Granit in 1987 with ten photographers, each of whom was given the task of working on a certain number of communes over a period of four years, one season per year. A selection of about a hundred works representative of the seasons of the area is thus proposed, and illustrates the "Month of Photography" organised by the City. Dominique Auerbacher, John Davies, Marc Deneyer, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Hubert Grooteclaes, Werner Hannappel, Manolo Laguillo, in a black and white spirit, truly create the landscape of the territory.
Photographie noire et blanc d'un champ de blé fauché dans le Territoire de Belfort
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