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Expressionist Scherer

More emotional.More rudimentary. More Direct
Nudes in the open air, jagged mountain scenery, portraits of friends or literary figures such as Dostoevsky's famous Raskolnikov: in his short life Hermann Scherer (1893 - 1927) created an impressive oeuvre. Today the artist, who was born in Baden, is regarded as one of Switzerland's most important expressionists. Inspired by the pictures of Edvard Munch and, above all, by the cooperation with Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Scherer developed an expressive vocabulary of form and painted in strong, luminous colours. His themes are yearnings and inner conflicts, love and passion, fear and loneliness. In the three years before his premature death Scherer was extremely productive. The exhibition focuses on this time, showing works from its own collection together with numerous loans.
© Museum für Neue Kunst – Städtische Museen Freiburg, Hermann Scherer, um 1925, Leihgabe aus Privatbesitz
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