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Exhibition: The Kembs Power Station. Photographers' Views (1920-1950)

17 September 2022 - 2 April 2023
Crédit : Musée Electropolis - Hélice de l'une des cinq turbines, 1933.
A rich and unpublished collection of photographs illustrates the gigantic scale of the Kembs hydroelectric power station construction site. The creativity of the photographers highlights less visible realities such as the work of the 3,000 workers and the protest against the project.

This exhibition is part of a joint programme of 38 museums in 3 countries on the theme of the Rhine.
For more information: trinational network of Upper Rhine museums:

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55 rue du Pâturage
+33 3 89 32 48 50
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47.749395, 7.294962

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