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Elixir of life

Fertilizer between magic power and explosive
Fertilizer is the elixir of life for plants, and indirectly also for animals and humans. For thousands of years, fields have been fertilized to improve yields. Artificial fertilizer, on the other hand, is the magic ingredient of the 20th century, without which every second person on earth would have to starve today. But there are downsides to this success. Above all, fertilization causes a great deal of environmental pollution.
Reason enough for the Museum Brot und Kunst - Forum Welternährung to deal with the topic. The exhibition not only looks back, it also asks for forward-looking ideas to make fertilizing "green" and looks at different regions of the world. And it asks: How can art sharpen our view of fertilizer?

Beteiligt sind Werke von folgenden Künstler:innen:
Anca Benera und Arnold Estefán, Joseph Beuys, Sinje Dillenkofer, Thomas Feuerstein, Sheela Gowda, Marc Hautmann, Claire Pentecost, Leopold Rabus, Diana Scherer, Gerda Steiner und Jörg Lenzlinger.
Sowie von Ernst Barlach, Käthe Kollwitz, Heinrich Zille u.a.
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