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ELGER ESSER – Morning Country

Elger Esser is particularly famous for his great photographs of meditative landscapes. For these landscapes, the artist mainly uses the long-pose technique, thus allowing to erase the demarcation between earth, air and water. The horizon returns succinctly in Elger Esser’s photographs. Intersecting sky and earth, they are then undifferentiated by plays of natural light. These landscapes extended on the horizon, with the use of soft colors, testify to a feeling of deep calm by the natural beauty that emanates from it. Elger Esser draws inspiration from 19th century literature, including the writings of Proust, Flaubert and Maupassant. A link between his photographic practice, history and memory is thereby created.
Aujourd’hui, l’artiste photographe franco-allemand tient sa place à côté des grands. Son œuvre présente les plus grandes collections telles qu’au Guggenheim à New York et au Rijksmuseum à Amsterdam. Il a notamment eu de nombreuses expositions personnelles comme celles à la Galleria d’Arte à Bologne, au Kunstverein à Hagen et au Herzong Foundation à Bâle.
Elger Esser Gebel el-Silsila  Ägypten, 2011  UltraChrome Print  70 x 82 x 3,5 cm  2/7 + 1AP Courtesy Kewenig Galerie
Elger Esser Akko II  Israel, 2015  C-Print, Diasec Face  154,5 x 184 x 5 cm  4/7 + 1AP Courtesy Kewenig Galerie
Elger Esser Raouché II  Liban, 2005  C-Print, Diasec Face  142 x 184 x 5 cm  6/7 + 1AP  Courtesy de l’artiste
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