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EigenART. Preserve

EigenART. Bewahren - Ausstellung mit KünstlerInnen aus Waldkirch
Collecting and preserving are core tasks of museums. The Elztalmuseum has been preserving the material cultural assets of the town of Waldkirch since 1880 and has collected no less than 30,000 objects over the last few decades. What artistic perspectives can be developed on the museum's collection? What aspects of collecting and conservation can be used as a source of inspiration and how do contemporary artists view the collection?

Helga Bauer, Dörthe Fiwek, Burga Härer, Nora Jacobi, Frank Maul and Erhard Sachs have spent over a year working with selected objects from the museum's collection and have developed individual artistic approaches to them. As part of the special exhibition "EigenART. Preserve", they will be presenting their works from May 15, 2024.
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